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By seekandfindit, Jul 1 2017 01:32AM

On my travels to see what was new in DEAL but disappointed that many shops in the retro area were closed with one sign saying - open odd hours and may close if raining on Sunday so NO DEAL . However, at the other end met some nice guys first at Dont Walk, Walk which is a gallery run by Neil but he is also a photographer and artist under the name of Ned. He has so stunning atomspheric paintings as well as interesting photograph. The gallery also shows very nice pieces of sculpture by other artists. Across the road is Vince who sells antiques, repro's, oak & pine etc and from his place you can see his other shop which on the day was run by his lovely mother of 78! who looked 20 years younger.

Onward to Margate with several fantastic shops but too higher prices for me. My favourite shop was Margate Interior at 25 High Street whereby most of their items fitted into my style even selling the 1960 & 1970 books also on my website - well worth a visit. Delving into the Old town there was some very creative pieces of artwork along with some original retro items. One of the more reasonable shops was in Duke Street where they had exactly the same swan necked pub lights as advertised on my site which they had just sold. But I couldn't leave my trip empty handed and bought one of their shoe Last which was propped up on the outside window sill - so a sale at LAST

By seekandfindit, Jun 28 2017 11:12AM

Salvo fair Trade Day. Full of interesting and bizarre items along with several reproductions & flowery craft stalls. The majority of the Salvage traders had some very nice and unusual goods with large fairground items, very old salvage and some really big pieces for sale e.g. caravans, large model cars, carriages etc. Several of the salvage items are naturale and left as unrestored. Beware of the other items that look old along with the usual waxed boxes & crates with the printed letters of ....... market etc which have probably seen a market or sweatshop but it is not in this country.

Although it was Trade Day with the much higher entry fee, there were several personal buyers which always puts the prices up so be prepared to barter otherwise you won't be making any profit after Entry fee, retail prices and a surcharge (if you need extra cash at the onsite ATM).

By seekandfindit, Jun 9 2017 12:44PM

The Wealden Times Fairs is a hand picked collection of over 200+ stalls selling many crafts that are not your normal run of the mill wares e.g. clothes probably being the most popular.. Howvever, there are several stalls that are not duly taxed with customers including a laarge range of food stalls. Also if looking for antiques, bric a brac or salvage, this really is not your place unless you want the usual rusty obelisk for you garden. An entry fee of £9.50 which includes entry to Hole Park gardens does seem expensive as I only spent in the region of 1.5 hours wanding round the fair & garden

Craft fair on today 8th until Sunday10th June 2017 at Hole Park Gardens. kent.

By seekandfindit, May 20 2017 12:34AM

Greenwich market again provides some innovative stalls, some samey and some direr but still worth a visit if not for the now larger hot food area adjoined to the main covered market. There are also the trendy shops, restaurants, pop-up street food stalls near the Cutty Sark. If you fancy history the Painted Hall is being redocorated and you can climb the 66 steps to see the artists do there work for a tour price of £10. If you want more culture Dreadnought now Greenwich Uni, Royal Naval College, Maritime museum, Greenwich old hospital, Greenwich Park, Meridan line, General Wolfe, Nelson, Royal Obversatory, Henry Moore, Greenwich tunnel and most are free